Long gone are the days where socks were an unwanted Christmas or Birthday present. They have come a long way, breaking the conservative barrier and jumping head first into fun and creative designs loved by all ages.

Fashionable socks have now become an incredibly important feature in today’s corporate world, to not only show the individuals personality but also their flare for fashion. The average businessman’s socks used to be the average plain white cotton five pack from the local clothing store, and  Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister has changed that view. He had recently been seen wearing R2D2 and C-3PO Star Wars socks which set the media into a whirlwind and creating quite a stir for the better.

It may be that the brand of socks you’re wearing are manufactured by Swanky Socks, providing lots of different designs to suit your personal style ranging from geometric patterns to high quality silk and wool. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down, and having your suit trouser leg rise up slightly to reveal more of your personality and letting others around you get a glimpse of the ‘real you’  breaking past the standard corporate suit look. It’s not uncommon now to see men coordinating their ties or shirts with their socks to make more of a statement in the workplace.

Swanky Socks have certainly given a lot of attention to detail, providing a more unique twist on the classics, which is what makes our style so unique. Thus providing the fashion conscious gentleman with the ability to change up their wardrobe on a daily basis. The aspiration every man has to enhance more personality to their outfit, has caused many men to take notice and jump onto this fashion trend, which as a result, has caused sock sales to increase dramatically in recent years.

With this boom, it has given us the chance to give back and help the community. For every pair of socks purchased at Swanky Socks, we will donate another pair of fresh, clean and new socks to those in need. By doing so it has opened up a new world in which we can inspire change and leading the way to a better and happier future.

So, if you have yet to add to your collection of socks, now is the time to do it and show off a bit of individuality within the workplace and accessorise your outfit for the better.

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